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susan rice at her combination hearing. it's bob corker. very much a moderate, very much works across party lines. i know that steve has worked with him. these are people not worried about primary challenges. i spoke to one senator this week, this consequences, this individual conveyed was that these meetings did not go well. benghazi was a serious issue. we can debate whether or not susan rice should be blamed for it. but she was front and center. and i think the administration has handled this terribly. they have put her out there as though she's going to be a nominee but they haven't nominated her. john carney is being asked questions about her. now she's under the media onslaught for her investments. companies in iran. investments in canada. she gets all of the downside of being a nominee without any of the infrastructure and support for her. >> we can talk about that and debate that. but what i believe, i think what she did was entirely appropriate. she was given a set of talking points, to the best of our knowledge the white house used one world. she went out there and did it. n
ago. >> if you read bob woodward's book it was $800 billion. >> look at the president's budget. look at the president's proposal to congress. september 2011, just take a look. it's on the internet. $1.6 trillion in revenue. >> right, but -- >> that was -- that's what he proposed, raul and then -- >> how many votes did that budget get. >> actually it got overwhelming support in the house despite the talking point you guys used. >> how many -- >> well, based on the republicans' pla overwhelming democratic vote -- >> it failed. the republicans have failed, as well. but i want to ask, republicans seem to be incredibly divided on this issue of taxes. you wouldn't even support your leader. you wouldn't even support speaker boehner, a relatively modest increase of those making over a million dollars. charles krauthammer said that this is -- republicans are basically completely divided on this. here's what he said. president obama's been using this and i must say with great skill and ruthless skill and success to fracture and basically shatter the republican opposition. his objective from th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)